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This is "Hambletina", the 2023 BreyerFest Best Customs Contest winner in Finishwork. I painted her on the new Breyer Standardbred mare mold "Constantia", painted to a lovely dapple grey. She's Traditional scale (1:9), about 13" from front hoof to back.

She's covered with beautiful soft dapples. When you look closer, you'll notice the hand-painted hair-by-hair details over her entire body: whorls on her forehead, neck, chest, and belly, and intricate details all over. She even has a cute little moustache on her muzzle!

Her horseshoes are entirely hand painted - no sculpting was done. I painted these first with acrylics, then went over them with a silver acrylic. Finally I sealed them with clear epoxy, so they're durable and they'll always be shiny.

She has hand-painted veins on her legs... and on her ears! Her eyes are so lifelike, you might wonder if she’s a real horse.

I rarely paint Traditional scale models; my specialty is mini and micro scale painting. I've brought my skill at handpainting tiny details to the "big screen" on Hambletina, and it shows!

This is an opportunity to own a bit of BreyerFest history! Hambletina was the winner of the 2023 Best Customs Contest in Finishwork. 

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